Gerolamo Sacco


Release date: 24/07/2015

Pop - Dance ♥ Hearts Compilations
Festival is going to be a complete success. How to describe this electropop-dance release with a psychedelic rock sound? We can use these lyrics taken from “Fra le Nuvole”: “Città fra le stelle sospese nell’aria, luci e colori portati dal vento, io nei tuoi occhi mi sono già perso, chissà se torno, e se torno, diverso, cambiato dal tempo, da mille e una storia, dal desiderio o dalla memoria…” (English: “Cities among the stars hanging in the air, lights and colors carried by the wind, I am – in your eyes – already lost, who knows if I’ll come back, and if I come back in a different light, changed by the time, by a thousand and one story, by desire…or by memory…”). “Created for all the people who lack summer festivals”, Festival is a formerly narrative journey that contains 10 tracks (that’s about 45 minutes of music) that make Festival really look like a compilation, not an album. This time Gerolamo Sacco, in the multiple role of singer, author and DJ / producer, made it big. Festival does’t exist as a conventional musical genre: sold as a pop record, it features drum & bass, EDM, Italian pop, and also lots of music influences like those by Paul Kalkbrenner (we recommend “Infinite”, Berliners most hardened) or the balcan ones, mashed up with Mediterranean sounds, up to crossovers, like a magic remix of “Lo scriverò nel vento” (Gerolamo’s remake of Zecchino D’Oro – biggest italian children music Festival – 2006, that was already a remake of ‘EY Ozgurluk’, a popular Turkish song of the great Livaneli). The novelty, however, is that Festival is not an experiment. Who has listened to “Fra le Nuvole” (“Among the clouds”, ndr) frequently compared it to the works made by Jovanotti and Benny Benassi; “Mediterranea” fills up the dance floor and “Vorrei Fare una Canzone”, with its tropical touch, gives a second life to the popular song that Gerolamo wrote for Gigi D’agostino in 2006, gifting him one of his greatest successes, a magic dream to the twilight zone, and a possible radio hit today as 10 years ago. An album definitely dance-oriented, but able to show Gerolamo’s experience as manufacturer of various musical genres, from dub (# 1 in Beatport with Look Beyond Vol.1 this 2015) to classical and pure rock. The emphasis of the mainstream potential results in breakdown EDM plus lethal enchanted loops, dreamy voices and sounds, and … wonderful lyrics that occasionally (not all the songs of Festival are sang) reveal the nature of the songwriter Gerolamo. Surely this is the first italian example of dj-producing in an italian way: every big italian producer you know (Benassi, like Guetta is French) makes mainstream global music, but there’s no case of italian producers making a pop record that sounds italian. Not a matter of identity card, in Festival you will hear Italy deep culture and music tradition, even if this can still be called EDM pop music. There is nothing similar in the actual music scene, and we are sure that it is only a matter of time. Now you just have to listen: dance, have fun and … fly high!

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