Massimiliano Viel

Punti, Linee

Release date: 24/04/2009

Electronica | Acousmatic
The “Punti, Linee” project is based on a selection of electromagnetic soundscapes, obtained by recording an AM radio output in different moments of the day at different frequencies. The recordings are afterwards manipulated, without altering the source with new added material. Radio become electromagnetic field of electric machines, communication codes and interval signals are some of the sources trying to reveal to listeners as hidden chants of machines, that developing on a different speeds than ours, touches us, hug us, in a way, and go through us without caring, without letting us know their invisible presence. Field is generated by an automatic radio signal, at 12760 kHz frequency that is deconstructed in its three layers: the signal, the negative part of the signal (probably generated by the AM transmitter by means of a dynamic compressor) and the background noise. The main transformation of the original source includes, besides the more traditional processing, the separation of the regular part of the waveform from the irregular one (SoundHack), the cleaning of the signal by means of the sonogram (Audiosculpt) and some misbehaviour of a saturated reverberation software plugin (ProTools). This isn’t anyway “just another remix”: the source alone is driving the processing and it is only used to exalt the signal’s inherent character. No part of the signal is cut, as this can be viewed as a work of “restauration” of the relationship between a machine calling in the universe and me, who is listening to it in my room, with a cheap radio receiver.

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