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Rare and Ancient Italian Music of the 16th and 17th Century

Data di uscita: 27/02/2015

Classica Antica ♦ Diamonds Compilations
Sono state realizzate due release di "Antica e Rara Musica Italiana". Una per il mercato Italiano ed una esclusivamente per il mercato estero. A rare collection of music. A rare picture of Italian late Renaissance, between the end of the glorious XVI century and the dark XVII. Music by Adriano Banchieri, Cazzati, Frescobaldi, Anonymous composers. All the track have been played with very old instruments, including Ferrara Cathedral’s organ. The songs contained in this work have been recorded many, many years ago. We worked a serious and complex restoration of the old audio files, sometimes damaged. We are proud of this work for two reasons. The first: this material is objectively very rare. The second: we gave a second life to a work made by group of people that believed in the treasure of our history. And this is rare, too. Have a nice trip into an Italian ancient era!

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