The idea behind and the short story of Miraloop Clubs, the engine of Miraloop Records.

Miraloop Clubs, the EDM label of Miraloop Records

Clubs is the most extreme, badass, and powerful side of Miraloop. The symbol of “clubs”, just like discotheques symbolize fire and instinct. Miraloop Clubs is the only independent EDM label in a record company which ranges from classical music to pop, to experimental electronic to dance.

The union of six independent labels dedicated to clubs into one

Miraloop Clubs is the last one to arrive among the four independent labels of Miraloop. The dance season opens in 2008-2009 with Maniac Ep by NK (today Hallucinator), Goaland compilation vol 1, and many records by Michel Lavie and Gerolamo Sacco, among which “Assangue”, “Selotenga”, and “Pensieri Cattivi”. Clubs was founded by Gerolamo Sacco and Michel Lavie, the first A&R administrator of the company: one year before Clubs entered the market, Gerolamo was the exclusive producer of Gigi D’Agostino (Pensieri Elettronici and before that Media Records) in Brescia, and Michel Lavie worked for Expanded Music. The two worked together on some occasions, especially regarding festival environment (Street Rave Parade, Sun Explosion).

First records of Clubs contain groundbreaking and diverse ideas. From progressive Elia Casetti Orchestra to Psytrance by Imago. In 2010 the market explicitly asks for a narrowed focus on a specific genre, so the staff shifts from working on a global EDM project to creating a hub formed by 6 independent labels, different from each other and organized by a musical genre. The 6 independent labels of Miraloop will be: Jack of Clubs Records (prog. Minimal) | Queen of Clubs Records (Trance) | King of Clubs Records (Electro) | Ten of Clubs Records (Psy-goa) administrated by MK Records | Underground Area (Drum’n’Bass – Dubstep) administrated by Dj Ferro | Hell Records (Nu disco- House) administrated by Geo From Hell.

In 2011, during one of the earliest Tomorrowlands, Geo from Hell performs a sneak peek of “Warriors”: the first ever Miraloop’s record to enter the Top100 chart on Beatport. Not everyone knows, but in those years many techno, psy, and drum’n’bass Italian festivals are organized together with the Miraloop Clubs’ staff: festivals like Andrenokromo, Goaland, Magnetik, Art of Trance, just to name a few. In proceeding years a lot of releases take place. The multi-faced Clubs is working good, never emerging as a brand per se.

In 2014-2015, after hundreds of records and some serious gems, the project enter the phase of a total transformation. Geo from Hell wins TopDj, Sony’s talent show, and Hell Records is divided with Sony Music. Underground Area is ceded to its administrator Dj Ferro. In 2015, the new Miraloop Clubs emerges as a unified label for the first time. In the summer of the same year, Radio105 names Miraloop Clubs the label of the week in InDaKlubb program. From 2015 to 2017 Clubs drastically reduces the releases number, and focuses on stable positionings on sales charts and Djs selection instead, while the transformation of the project keeps going on. In 2016 Miraloop moves headquarters owning recording studios and offices, and in 2017 the distribution service is bought by the French company Believe. In 2018, when thousands of amateur producers fight over likes on Soundcloud and Demodrop, a ghost project enters the Top100 of Future House, not even having a Twitter page. The new era is about to start.

On the search for a new EDM frontier

Clubs points to one objective: giving dance music new sounds and faces, something innovative. This distinguishes Miraloop Clubs from the majority of independent techno, house, or dance labels out there, who merely shadow other labels. Our search for something new and different comes from our history of unifying many diverse elements. We’ve made drum’n’bass, prog, deep. Now we want to follow a path and tell you a new story.

Clubs on Radio Miraloop

You can listen to Clubs’ music on Radio Miraloop which offers a broadcast dedicated to a more refined vision of club music with a selection of prog, house, and minimal.


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